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This is a little story of mine that was awarded third place in the Trudy Graham-​Julie Lewis Literary Award for Prose, run by the Peter Cowan.
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But then he was overcome with confusion. He saw that an old gentleman sitting in front of him in the first row of the stalls was carefully wiping his bald head and his neck with his glove and muttering something to himself. In the old gentleman, Tchervyakov recognised Brizzhalov, a civilian general serving in the Department of Transport.

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I must apologise. Tchervyakov was embarrassed, he smiled stupidly and fell to gazing at the stage. He gazed at it but was no longer feeling bliss.

[Short Story Reading] "A Little Death," by Amanda Hill

He began to be troubled by uneasiness. In the interval, he went up to Brizzhalov, walked beside him, and overcoming his shyness, muttered:. On getting home, Tchervyakov told his wife of his breach of good manners. It struck him that his wife took too frivolous a view of the incident; she was a little frightened, but when she learned that Brizzhalov was in a different department, she was reassured. After questioning several petitioners the general raised his eyes and looked at Tchervyakov. When the general had finished his conversation with the last of the petitioners and was turning towards his inner apartments, Tchervyakov took a step towards him and muttered:.

If I venture to trouble your Excellency, it is simply from a feeling I may say of regret!

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If that is how it is I am not going to apologise to that fanfaron any more! Dan Damon Herriman and Evie Kate Mulvany consult a therapist who suggests they spice up their love life by trying role-play.

Dan takes to it with the zeal of a hairy drama student performing Shakespeare for the first time, sex becoming a distant second priority to performance. Despondent desk jockey Phil Alan Dukes , married to nagging wife Maureen Lisa McCune , discovers he is turned on by sleep and starts drugging her.

Meanwhile, a man new to the neighbourhood Kim Gyngell periodically arrives at front doors offering two kinds of political incorrectness: baked treats in the shape of golliwogs and the confession that he is a convicted sex offender. The first-time filmmaker revealed something of his approach in a recent interview with the Brisbane Times in which he appeared keen to differentiate his film from locally produced flops by criticising the industry at large. Nor is it a multiplex-ready middle-of-the-road movie likely to draw large crowds or achieve broad crossover appeal.

His direction pitches to the back rows but his script and structure playfully integrates characters and situations into its overarching theme. And despite the broad concept and performances, the film works best when it nails individual moments.

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A Little Death • Beyond Criticism

For me, the moral of the stories are that those who are dishonest with each other are probably more doomed than those who are honest with each other. Those who are transparent and communicate a little more with their partner have more hope I think. You could do this as a straight out raunchy comedy or it could be a really heavy serious drama. Each story served a different purpose when trying to solicit a certain reactions and emotions from people.

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I wanted the film to feel like a ride. Because sex can be so many different things, I wanted the film to be able to cover a lot of things under the umbrella of comedy. While some of the characters do horrible things, it never comes from a place of malice.

If those intentions are clear, you can go to a darker place I think. The audience was laughing hysterically at the preview screening. She worked in one of those translating call centres.

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I was thinking one day how funny it would be if someone called and had phone sex. I came to one of the services here in Brisbane to research it. Our instincts are there. What was that like and what reactions did you get from North American audiences there? What we should be telling are human stories.