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Blockade Billy is a novella by Stephen King. It tells the story of William "​Blockade Billy" Blakely, a fictional baseball catcher who briefly played for the New.
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Then, I saw an advertisement for it on the Stephen King website. I immediately checked it out and discovered the novella was coming out near the end of April and was being published in a limited first edition of 10, copies by Cemetery Dance Publications. In just a week, a second printing of 10, copies was necessary to meet the ever-growing demand from fans and libraries.

Then, the demand for the novella became so overwhelming that King finally decided to let his main publisher, Scribner, go ahead with a printing of , copies of the book, which is due out today at a much lesser price, plus an additional short story is included with the novella. Audio books were also arranged. In many ways, this really was publishing history in the making.

On the first day of the season William Blakely shows up in his pickup with Iowa license tags. Billy Blakely plays baseball like a big-league catcher. Even better, he can hit the ball right out of the park. Billy is exactly the kind of magic needed by the team to pull itself together and to win some serious ballgames.

Billy just seems a little off. He constantly talks to himself in the third person and parrots what is said to him by the other players. Still, Blockade Billy is one hell of a fabulous ballplayer, and no one on the team wants to upset the apple cart.

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Blockade Billy: Cemetery Dance Publications

That is until the day everything comes to a screeching halt and the truth of who Blockade Billy really is becomes known. Within 20 pages, I was starting to get goose bumps. Few writers can do this today and King, after 40 years, still has that unbelievable sense of creativity. In many ways I was there in the stadiums watching the games and rooting my head off for Billy to stop the next player from stealing home.

This story is definitely filled with pure, unadulterated magic.


It sucks the breath right out of you, leaving you numb and shocked. The narrative completes itself as you pray for it to continue and for Billy to save the day. This is powerful stuff, and nobody does it better than Stephen King. Here are seven ways predictive input can improve. Recognizing names from previous emails Jakub Kokoszka has a tough name to […].

That one poster image, meant to appeal to as many people as possible, is often all we see before […]. The show focuses on new and emerging technologies and trends in relation to the media and entertainment industries.

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Ask no more; this is it. Important Note: We're only printing a small number of copies compared to what New York publishers print for a brand new book. Ordering directly through our online store is the only way to guarantee yourself a copy of the World's 1st Hardcover Edition. If you are new to Cemetery Dance, please visit our Stephen King section for more information about other related publications you might be interested in adding to your collection.

King nails the baseball argot perfectly, and he sprinkles in enough references to real-life s players to have baby-boomer fans reaching for their old ball cards For fans of fifties baseball and of baseball fiction and film, this deft pastiche makes a great way to celebrate a new seasons.

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The first is the narrative voice that King has conjured up for Granny Grantham. Funny, sharply observant and casually profane, it is the voice of a quintessential baseball insider who happens to be a natural raconteur.

Equally important is the lovingly detailed evocation of the game as it was played in …King's descriptions of these tough, hard-bitten men and the hardscrabble contests they engaged in add both a dash of nostalgia and a touch of gritty reality to this dark, absorbing portrait of a vanished era. The writing is all voice, and King, a Red Sox fanatic, does the old-timey baseball argot to perfection.

ISBN 13: 9781587672286

About the Author: Stephen King has written more than forty novels and two hundred short stories. King lives in Bangor, Maine, with his wife, novelist Tabitha King. About the Artists: Glen Orbik has been a freelance illustrator and drawing instructor for over twenty years. He has also painted collectible imagery for Warner Bros.

Alex McVey is an award-winning, Chesley-nominated illustrator whose work has been published internationally, ranging from album art to graphic design to book illustration. He has illustrated the works of Stephen King, Joe R.

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His clients include ad firms, gaming companies, film studios, bands, and book and magazine publishers. Click here to view a few artwork samples in the Blockade Billy art gallery! Monteleone William F.

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