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Others see a woman in Victorian clothing who roams the halls, even getting into beds.

The Drowning Pool is another hot spot. In the s and early s, seven women were accused of being witches.

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Back in those days, one of the methods used for determining if someone was a witch or not was to tie rocks to their feet and throw them into water to see if they would float or not. The seven accused women were thrown into a lagoon on the island between Mission Point and downtown Mackinac - and all of them sank and drowned.

Legend says the women haunt the waters to this day. Visitors report seeing mysterious splashing, shadows and dark figures floating above the surface. Fort Mackinac is a Revolutionary War-era fort on the island, and a popular tourist site.


Visitors have reported strange orbs in pictures. In the hospital, some have felt feelings of sadness and have seen apparitions of phantom limbs. The sound of crying babies is often heard, along with mysteriously moved furniture, and motion detectors set off with no one around. At the Officer's Stone Quarters, ghostly children are said to be playing with toys, leaving them thrown around the floor in the morning.

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It was built in the s. The resort's popular ghost story is that of a man named Harvey, who died in the late s. The story goes , Harvey, who was dealing with a broken heart, shot himself behind the resort, and wasn't discovered until six months later. But some believe there is more to Harvey's story - that perhaps he was killed. Harvey is often reported in Mission Point's theater, where visitors have reported being pinched or poked.

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A woman claims that while she was visiting a hotel on the island, she experienced some paranormal activity. She was alone in the hotel room, when the bathroom door closed, and the lights turned off. When it happened again she saw a green mist.

Then something grabbed her arms and held her down. Her ordeal continued until there were two knocks on the door.

She learned later that the room had belonged to William Terriss who, through superstition, would always knock twice on the door with his cane before entering. In the s Terriss was reported to have been seen emerging from a green mist at the theatre. The actor is even said to have been seen walking through a closed cafeteria door.

The last reported sighting was in But as everyone knows, thespians just love making an appearance.